India's Atheist cabinet ministers

Saturday, August 1, 2009
In India's current ruling government, 6 of the cabinet ministers are open atheists.
It is to be noted that they took the oath in the name of the constitution whereas the rest of the ministers took oath in the name of god.

The Atheist ministers are,

A K Anthony P Chidambaram Sushil kumar shinde Veerappa Moily S Jaipal C P Joshi


suraj said...

all these six are big assholes. not because they are atheists. but purely because they are ass-holes who think it's cool to flaunt that you are an atheist. no doubt all are underperformers in a scamm-ridden congres givernment

രവിചന്ദ്രന്‍ സി said...

As per Wiki only Dr.CP joshy is an atheist! Antony is a devotee of a human god! Does he know this?!

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