Superstitious sons kill mother by trying to exorcise her by beating her with rods

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
In a 2 year old news  dug up from CNN-IBN India, three sons murder their mother trying to exorcise her.And then tried to sacrifice their sister-in-law to bring her back from death. Its sad to mention that one of the killer is MBA holder,one is am Engineering student.Its realy sad that even educated people are criminally superstitious.

New Delhi: Apr 8, 2008: It is a bizarre tale from the Capital's suburb Ghaziabad. Three boys beat their 55-year-old mother to death, believing she had been possessed by a spirit. The three boys — an engineering student, a MBA degree holder and a student of Class XII — beat up the woman with rods. They then tried to sacrifice their sister-in-law to bring their dead mother back to life.
All three — aged between 18-24 years — have been arrested.
The incident happened at Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad on Saturday night. Rohit, Ashish and Navneet even beat up their sister, her husband and other relatives who tried to intervene.
The incident happened at Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad on Saturday night. Rohit, Ashish and Navneet even beat up their sister, her husband and other relatives who tried to intervene.
Says their sister-in-law, Preeti Singh, "These people believed that their mother was possessed by a spirit. We don't believe in these things, but then they started saying that a human sacrifice was needed and then they got after me, that I was the one to be sacrificed."

News video of the incident from CNN-IBN

Albino girl, 11, killed and beheaded in Swaziland ’for witchcraft’

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Albino girl, 11, killed and beheaded in Swaziland ’for witchcraft’

An 11-year-old albino girl from Swaziland was shot dead in front of her friends and then beheaded in what police believe was a ritual murder.
Police believe children are targeted because of a belief by witch doctors that the blood and body parts of albinos can bring good luck and fortune when used in potions Photo: AFP/GETTY The child had been washing clothes and bathing at a river with friends and was returning home when she was grabbed by a man wearing a balaclava.

As her friends looked on, the man shot her in the back before dragging her away. Her headless body was found upriver a short time later.

The murder is the latest in a series of albino killings in Sub-Saharan Africa, where sufferers of the rare skin pigmentation condition are concentrated.

Earlier this year, another 11-year-old albino child was killed close to the same spot in Swaziland and her hand was removed.

Police believe both children may have been targeted because of a belief by witch doctors that the blood and body parts of albinos - who lack pigment in their eyes, hair and skin - can bring good luck and fortune when used in potions.

Their value for black magic practitioners sees them often fall prey to human traffickers, one of whom was jailed for 17 years in Tanzania this week for abducting and attempting to sell a live albino man.

The girl murdered in Swaziland was named locally as Banele Nxumalo. A man identified as her father, Luke Nxumalo, told The Times of Swaziland that his late uncle had also been an albino.

“What happened to my child is very painful. I wonder why albinos are targeted because they are just humans like us and a gift from God,” he said.

Parents sacrifice 4-yr-old girl to become rich

Friday, August 20, 2010
Exorcism rituals

Parents sacrifice 4-yr-old girl to become rich

Sanjay Pandey, Lucknow, Aug 18, DHNS:

Lust for wealth drove a poverty- stricken couple to sacrifice their own four-year-old daughter at a village in Uttar Pradesh’s backward Sitapur district, about 90 km from here.

The couple, identified as Srikrishna and Ramdevi, were told by a “tantrik” (exorcist)that they would become rich if they sacrificed their daughter, according to police sources here.

Acting on the advice of a “tantrik”, a “havana kund”(a pit in which the fire is lit and yajna is performed), was prepared in the courtyard of the couple for the rituals late on Monday night.

The parents then put their daughter Kanni into the pit amid chanting of “mantra” and lit the fire. The girl, who was also mercillessely beaten, was half buried in the pit.

The parents had stuffed a piece of cloth in the mouth of the little girl so that her cries could not be heard by any one in the village, sources said.

The badly burnt body of the girl was later buried on the same spot by digging a deep pit, sources said. The grandmother of the girl was also present during the rituals, sources said.

The ghastly incident came to light on Tuesday when neighbours found vermillion, flowers, incense sticks and other items used in the rituals and suspected that some “exorcism rituals” might have been performed there.

As the crowds of villagers swelled before Srikrishna’s house, the couple, sensing trouble, and others fled from there through the back door.

The villagers informed the police, which dug the area and brought out the badly burnt body of Kanni. “The body had injury marks on the head and neck, which shows that she must have been beaten for offering resistance,” according to the police.

A case had been registered by the police and a massive manhunt had been launched to nab the culprits, who have been absconding.

Barely a couple of days back a nine- year-old girl was buried alive by her own uncle in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district to please the goddess so that he could become rich.

Minor girl buried alive (sacrificed) by her uncle in Uttar Pradesh

Stupidness of these people in the name of sacrifices to god is atrocious.

Updated on Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 21:31

Lucknow: In a shocking incident, an eight-year-old girl was today buried alive in Uttar Pradesh by her uncle who believed that sacrificing the minor would solve all his problems, a senior police officer said here.

Munau was buried alive by her uncle Shiv Kumar Yadav in Bangrahan village in Tarabganj area of Gondaa district this morning, Additional Director General of Police (law and order) Brij Lal told reporters.

Shiv Kumar believed that sacrificing a minor girl will solve all his problems and miseries, he said.
Shiv Kumar has been arrested and the body has been sent for post mortem, the ADG said.

Teenage girls running naked to cure their fertility problems

Saturday, May 22, 2010
From the Hindu, (April 2002)

Vijayawada April 24. Kokuntla village is just 35 km from the much hyped Hitech City but bizarre things like teenaged girls running naked, or an entire village population of 3,000 going into mass hiccups happen here.

A fortnight ago about 20 young girls, almost all of them in their teens, ran naked in the village. The reason, the local self-styled witch doctor suggested such a "propitious'' act as most of the women were suffering from some gynaec problem or the other. And after performing such strange rituals, the villagers again shells out Rs. 2,000-3,000 each to the witch doctor as fee.

Team of doctors investigate the superstition
Mr. Vijayam was among the eight members from Vijayawada's Atheist Centre who went round over a dozen villages of Ranga Reddy district on April 20-21 at the invitation of the District Superintendent of Police, Ramachandra Raju. The team was led by G. Samaram, a prominent physician here.

``The 20 young girls ran around the village naked were examined by the team and it was found that many of them were suffering from anaemia or other gynaecological problems,'' said Mr. Vijayam.

According to another team member, some of the women have illicit affairs. But their husbands choose to overlook the same under the notion that nothing can be done as the women are under the spell of "Bhanamathi''

More stupidity
At Anantagiripally in Vikarabad, two men and a woman were tied upside down to trees and made to pull out each other's teeth on the suspicion that they were performing black magic.These are not isolated cases as such incidents are common in most villages in the districts besides the adjoining districts of Medak, Nizamabad and Nalgonda.

Lack of proper medical/physchological care
Says head of the delegation, Dr. Samaram, "Some of the villagers have stomachache, schizophrenia or joint pains, but in the absence of medical facilities the villagers approach the witch doctors who mislead them.

Abject poverty, illiteracy, lack of basic medical facilities are the main reasons for these superstitions among the villagers, Mr. Vijayam added

Text quoted from,

Five children 'sacrificed' by childless couple

From NDTV,

Five children have been killed in Hingoli in Maharashtra by a childless couple on the advice of a tantrik who said the woman would conceive if 11 boys were sacrificed in the village.

Police say villager Vandana Mokle had had no children after 12 years of marriage. So Vandana, her husband and her in-laws went about poisoning village kids.

"The two accused are Kundlik and Kalavati Mokle. Their son Vitthal was married. His wife Vandana wasn't able to conceive. So, they went to a tantrik who told them they would need to kill 11 boys," said M A Raif, Inspector, Digras Police Station.
Between December 13 and March 4, five boys aged between two and four years were poisoned.
The villagers had already become suspicious and the police was informed.

"Initially we thought the deaths were caused by snake bites. But so many children were dying. We realised a snake won't target only children," said Ramesh Dalvi, father of victim.

When the police began questioning villagers, the Mokles were conspicuous by their absence.

That gave the police an immediate lead and on Wednesday the Mokles were arrested.
But by then innocent lives had already been lost at the altar of ignorance, poverty and superstition.