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Saturday, December 19, 2015
International Symposium of Nuclear Physics organised by Indian Govt Dept for Atomic Energy - 8th Dec 2015

Karnataka to ban all TV shows based on astrology


On a welcome move, Karnataka government is being progressive by deciding to ban "Astrology shows" on TV channels. India Today reports:

The Congress government in Karnataka is all set to ban astrology-based shows being telecast on regional Kannada TV channels, as Chief Minister Siddaramaiah believes that too much of superstition is being spread by the astrologers.
"Every TV channel wants to air astrology-based shows in Karnataka. In my home too, the scenario is no different. It is time we banned such shows," Siddaramaiah said in Bengaluru on Monday. The chief minister was speaking at a programme organised to felicitate a senior leader of the Dalits.
This is not for the first time that the Congress government has proposed imposition of a ban on astrologybased shows in Karnataka.
Though not an atheist, Siddaramaiah has been a critic of superstitious practices, including astrology. In Karnataka, all the leading TV channels have astrology based shows, which are aired at prime time. The shows enjoy high TRPs.