Man kills two month old son fearing bad luck

Friday, January 27, 2012
In yet another superstitious atrocity, a man from Kerala killed his own son after an astrologer predicted that the son would bring bad luck since he was bron with two teeth.

Madhu, a 27-year-old fisherman from Punnapra , allegedly thrashed the baby on the floor two days ago after an astrologer told him that the child born with two teeth was a bad omen for him, police said.

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Alappuzha district, Kerala where the incident took place\

Boy sacrificed for hidden treasure in India


Superstitious people strike again. This time, idiots from Andhra Pradesh state sacrificed a boy in hopes of finding a treasure in a fort.  

Nirmal Town Fort, where the sacrifice was performed by eight people
The human sacrifice was offered as part of a plan to bribe the gods into revealing a hidden treasure.

The boy was sacrificed for the believed-to-be hidden treasure in the fort on Amavasya (new moon night) on the intervening night of Jan 24-25. He was buried in the same area and the police exhumed the body Thursday. The body showed signs of rituals having been performed, with turmeric powder, vermilion and other puja related objects found on the victim’s body.

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Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh, India where the incident took place