Nasty Hindu superstition of drinking animal blood

Friday, July 17, 2009
Some hardcore Hindus practice a method of decapitating and drinking goat blood directly from its body.This practice is widely prevalent throughout Indian villages(cities,too are no exception).

These photographs are from a Hindu temple in Malaysia.
It is believed by Hindus that the hindu goddess "Kali" descends upon that girl and she drinks the blood. Its a more common practice to make blood sacrifice to hindu gods,but this is way out of bounds.

Warning: Contains too much blood and gore.
(People like these make me lose my faith in humanity.)


Asif said...

This has to be one of the most revolting and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Any religion that advocates such heinous activity doesnt deserve any merit within realms of humanity. Even the tribemen of the amazon have more respect of nature and life. Im glad to be born a Muslim into a religion that teaches respect and sanctity of all life forms.

arumukam hk said...

i'd say bull shit.. well the practice above is certainly not a way of hinduism.. these people are deviated from the actual teaching. But at the same time i couldnt agree with you when you conclude all Hindu's are doin this.. how bout muslim commiting mass slaughter on the name of sacrifice. And y only cow that you all slaughtering. allah din say he wants only cow to be sacrified..

––•(-•Ðivanësh™•-)•–– said...

I'm certainly glad to be born a Hindu,i second arumukam cause that's certainly not hinduism or what ever that's afflicted with my culture nor religion.

sick people i say. sick to my guts. damn.

suraj said...

@Asif. It shows how desperate you are to promote and praise your sick religion and muslim being that you use these "rarest of rare" rituals to prove that you are happy to be muslims. Yes we know that how herds of animals are slaughtered on Bakrid. And that according to izlam is respect and compassion towards animals. my ass

liberal said...

Islam is a gr8 religion . At least muslims does not worship animals and non living stuff which cant even help themselve....ur breakable gods duh !

nitin said...

I am a proud Hindu but that's disgusting a worst thing ever seen .... shame on that temple and all those people who are involved in it and on top of that who promote it .Please at least stop it now and fear maa kali ,she killed danavas and not the one she gave life to .
Goddess Kali is also figurative of the goddess of death. But, in reality, Kali brings about the death of the human ego. In the scripture's Goddess Kali is shown to have killed evil spirits. Maa Kali is never shown as having killed anyone else.
Although Maa Kali looks violent and angry she is nowhere connected with death.Kali maa is considered to be another form of a mother. Maa Kali is one of the few Goddesses in the Hindu religion who have never married and have renounced all the worldly and marital pleasures.
please guys need to wake and don't take this into religious clashes although no one other than the great Muslim @asif started it ......

god is love said...

do this pupil have heart?.......
do they know what is gods love?.....
does any being have the right to kill a life?....
do they know whats the meaning of god?...
does it makes a sense? this a kind of service to god?....
is this a kind ritual of that fucking religion?....
is it realy that hindhuism practise this
santanic ritual or is it writen in any holy verses of hinduism such as bhagavat gita,the veda,upanius?

Then why this mother fuckers does it.......why not cut their self even better and much compliment to their such kind fucking asshole ritual intense of the unsinfull goat...stupid mother fuckers------will take many live to pay their sin....

---remember that every action of soul will magnifest as bigger than it action ...
-------if u plant a seed of seed ,,therefore when time is matured will result as manggo tree with more one manggo -----
so every sin will have to be aswered and paid with its dividen.........
------------------------------(((((the saying of lord krishna in bhagavat gita))))------------------------------

….All beings are the jiva atma's(incranated soul) that come like a drop of water from the wide ocean(parabrahma/parathma /god) to the earth in purpose of developing its self as divine being..
….And all the jiva atma on the earth is the essence of the wide ocean (all being are child of god)
------------------------------((((((the inner teachings of Veda))))))))-------------------------------------------

… are all the being are allowed kill each other? Since all being is child of god

----real tag of hinduism is known as SADANA DRAMA ..means worship toward nature exsistance of every object or life in nature is to consired as god...
so how this motherfuckers could kill the unsinfull animal in name of sandana(serve) to god
-----nature is the first guru---------
object and life in the nature exsistance is first guru/master or guide line for educate human the way of living...........
----------------------------------------(saying sri shirdhi sai baba)-------------------------------------------
in this case the motherfuckers are againing the nature...that why tsunami occurs......

if u are true hindhuism or human u will know about this,,,
infect u dont have to wait religion to guide u...
just have to use a pitch of brain or sense of humanity..
if u are a such kind moron that born from a bitch...
then what to do those mother fuckers dont understant that..only
if god willing forgive them...

------- im sorry for those words as I fall the paint for the unsinfull animal-----------

mahakaal said...

this is just extremist, dosent help spritually, .... the goat killing is huge in numbers in urban andrural india , i belong to meerut city in uttar pradesh, just 100 kms from delhi. dats my native place, and the kali temple is a bengali oriented temple there and it has good power but goat sacrificial ritual is common and hige in practise there, i understand in the path of kali sacrifice is essential but why not cut ur own hand for the blood, its the prana that godess takes... and goats are just to satisfy the carnal meat needs, i hv been a non vegetarian since childhood, but is it required yes maybe in cold countries, but here is india , there is so much else to eat other then non veg, good tasty veg options, but that taste of flesh is what we crave for for the mouth and for our body... i can only say without spending milk ,water, blood, whiskey. rituals can b managed ... except some maybe where they cannot b replaces,... dat authority is very very less to cary those rituals, without the tamsik outcomes... they all r deluded. and carry the blindness. . v few are awake... tanta takes u brightness not to darkness... i know people dont form an opinion by being intellectual is sort of mental masturbation ... so see the truth as it is what is ryt is ryt what is wrong is wrong,... and if v above ryt and wrong v r not supposed to be here on fb .as we r then indeed enlightened...

sainath said...

it is very bad for indians

Jaskaranjeet Singh said...

wat the f_____________k activity is done by the HARD HINDUS. the think himself very brave n religious but actually they r not....after killing a animal hey think himself as gud men........................wen there was firing in JALLIAN WALA BAGH in AMRITSAR where was their braavery lost @ dat time ...??? after 20 years only Udham SIngh rose up n went to kill the Dyer say who is better SIKH or a HINDU,...........????

kalibhakta said...

This practice is not widespread among Hindus and these photos are not even from India, so quit using these images to slander the worlds oldest religion. What we have here are folk/tribal practices relative to a certain area and local belief. Personally, I have no issue with it and know that where I have seen animal sacrifice take place the animal was prepared and consumed afterward. Decapitation is a swift death and much more humane than what goes on in most factory farms or with the traditions of halal and kosher where animals are slowly bled to death. It might seem weird to outsiders that these people choose to get bloody in the practice of preparing meat, but that is their right.

venkatesh bhatt said...

Bull shit , what nonsense , first of all there is not god , then secondly when there is no god how will she come in body , actually that human who ever does this should be killed atleast her or his death will bring life to many goats or animal

Vinayagamurthi Subramaniam said...

Hinduism is all about way of life not only for human towards human... but also for humans towards other living nature.... these act is actually those who have deviated and being given a false religious teaching.... And remember that according to hindu scriptures, a place cannot b a temple if animals are being slaughtered there, or where there is blood spilled.... and if even one drop of blood is spilled in the temple, it has lost its purity and special purifying prayers has to b conducted..... sacrificing is not wat hinduism teaches... it teaches how to respect and love all loving creatures.... even an atheist can b a part of Hinduism becoz its not just a religion... its a way of life.... whoever follows the guidelines under hinduism is hindu no matter if they r from a different religion or not in one even....

shivam yadav said...

these are the practices performed the tantric sects of hinduism to praise divine mother shakti and it may be looking very terrible for those who don't know anything about tantra . so first have some knowledge about tantra and then you will realize why these are practiced .

Amith Malik said...

@ all the hypocrites
which is worse eating human flesh or drinking human blood? both are equally as bad.
which is worse eating animal flesh or drinking its blood? both are equally as bad.
Now when people see blood they be thinking ahhhh WT#!! but when they eating kfc or mutton curry they not thinking WT# they doing. there was blood in that chicken!!
when billions of turkeys are slaughtered each year for xmas christians arent thinking of all the blood that was shed. and muslims slaughter goats as part of there religion too.
Whats most disappointing is Hindus who dont understand whats happening and commenting that this isnt a part of hinduism. well its not a part of their particular culture as there is so many different sects of hinduism. i no longer believe in hinduism or religion because these are terms invented by humans not god! god does not know the word religion. most of the deities do not like meat. its a sin to eat both meat and veg. thats why you offer it to god first so he takes the sin away. anyway most deities dont like meat or blood and theres a reason kali ma loves it. there was a demon who terrorized the earth. every time his blood touched the ground many more versions of him where born. so mother durga took on the form of kali and drank his blood all up every time she killed him. there where many of him and she became intoxicated with this demon blood when she killed all the demons she lost control and went on a killing spree. in order to stop her shiva threw himself at her feet thats why shes always standing on him in the pictures. so this is the reason mother kali loves blood so to please her animals are sacrificed and she devours the blood. as for trance its real. come to my country and you will know see for yourself. people of every religion and race goes to a kali temple to be blessed by a person getting kali trance. there is so much black magic in my country so people have to go some where for help. muslims christians whites blacks all of them go to the temple for help!!!

Minura Gamage said...

explains why you declare jihad on everything and call islam a religion of peace...

François Miville said...

The ones who drink blood with Kali never grow into terrorists nor into blood-sucking usurers like so many monotheists do as well as more pretentious hand-washing hindus. The goat sacrificed means the sacrifice of your own appetites.

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